Whilst we all want to give to charity – we also want to know exactly what impact our donations are having and what difference we’re making to the cause. Impact, along with a connection to a cause are the biggest influences in giving to charity so it’s no wonder the charities listed below have cleverly broken down the impact of donors funds.  Would you give £5 to a charity to help injured animals? Maybe, but you’re much more likely to donate £5 if you’re told that your donation has just bought a dog a life saving vaccination.  Take a look at these charities that have a powerful impact message:

$50 will buy a family supplies to build their own home.


SOS Childrens Villages
£10 will feed a family in Gambia for a week for 6 days.


€1 is one tree planted in Madagascar.


Help USA
£4.50 Meal for a homeless person.


Global Angels
£10 provides on person with clean drinking water for 10-20 years.


Able Gamers
£350 provides one gamer with disabilities with a custom controller.


Room To Read
$10 will provide one person with access to their Literacy Programme.


Plan International
$9 could provide sight treatment, screening and glasses for 2 children in Nepal.