For my first blog post I decided to “go all in” and tackle an issue near and dear to my heart, the social generation, and our perceived lack of interest in anything outside of our mobile phones and monitors.

As an early twenty-something I’ve heard and seen a variety of labels attached to my generation and more recently to gamers in general. Whilst at a networking event last week a speaker told the audience that 14-20 year olds just didn’t care anymore. Not even about the plight of the economy or the Ebola epidemic sweeping western Africa. They were desensitised to the problems around them.

selfie obsessed

Excuse the pun

I’d like to rally against that. According to a recent report published by Mintel, people aged 16-24 actually gave the second highest to charity in the UK (roughly £40), which when compared to their relative incomes is quite a donation. The reason behind this? The social giving campaigns.

Last summer we watched our friends, their parents and some of our favourite celebrities tip a bucket of icy water over their heads in order to raise awareness and donate money to ALS charities. Factor in other successful campaigns such as #nomakeupselfie and #couldntlivewithout and you see that the younger generation and millennials make up almost 70% of the total donation.

Our attempt the Ice Bucket Challenge

Our attempt the Ice Bucket Challenge

Couple this with the trend of a consistent decline in charity donations in recent years shows me that like every other generation before us, the social generation who grew up in a world where the web was dominated by social media and collaboration need more charity awareness raising campaigns tailored to them.

I’m not talking about carbon copies of the Ice Bucket Challenge or Twitch livestreams because people get tired of the same content over and over again but charities have to catch up with the Web2.0 world of social and collaborative thinking. I’d be interested to see campaigns that brought friends or colleagues to work together to drive change or brought real awareness to a powerful issue through a simple social message.


Still no hoverboards though

To charities all I have to say is…

Engage me. I’m ready to donate.