Last week was Mario Day. Mario is considered to be the most famous video game character in the world and has appeared in over 200 video games. No wonder he has a day dedicated to him! Nintendo really nailed it when they decided to have Mario as their mascot, he is now considered the ‘face of video games’ which leads me to the main point of this post – do mascots really help improve your brand?

In most cases the answer to this is yes. Straying away from video games a lot of products nowadays such as paint manufacturers, energy suppliers and even comparison websites have well known recognisable mascots to help boost sales and build a recognisable brand, for example:


EDF energy


Both of these companies where very clever when deciding on which mascot to choose and please their target audience.’s use of meerkats made the whole UK fall in love with the little mammals and the energy cell better known as ‘Zingy’. People feel like they can relate more to these products making the brand more approachable and encouraging interaction in the outside world. However you have the bad cases too, for example:

Safe-style UK


This guy wouldn’t necessarily be classed as mascots however he represented Safe-style UK in adverts and is well known for being rather loud and annoying, however this may not be such a bad thing as Safestyle UK’s advert was the talk of the town with people repeating ‘you buy one then you get one free’.

In terms of charity mascots, Pudsey bear would be one of the first thrown out there for representing Children in Need.


A lot of charities tend to use celebrity endorsements rather than a dedicated mascot, which is a very good idea as you can keep up with the trends. People relate with the celebrities and you can get guaranteed coverage for your brand.

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I think both mascots and endorsements are brilliant ideas to make your brand different, approachable and give your audience something to talk about. Do it right and you could make your brand iconic, do it wrong and you could have this!