Last week we saw the launch of the Global Goals for sustainable development setting out the 17 goals we must accomplish by 2030 to end extreme poverty, reduce climate change and put an end of inequalities. World leaders have committed to supporting the Goals, and last week was an attempt to tell everyone, tell all 7 billion people on our planet as it will affect each and every one of us.

To support the awareness drive, we at Playmob created #WorldsBiggestGame in an attempt to tell as many gamers via app stores and games, estimating our potential reach to be 1.5 billion people.

But what next? How do we begin working towards the goals and what can we do to ensure we give them the best chance of success? A quote I will never forget, which holds true and should be remembered by all is:

‘The most effective global citizens will be those who succeed in merging their business and philanthropic missions to build a future of shared prosperity and shared responsibility,’ Bill Clinton, 2012.

Businesses are best placed to make a positive impact on our world. Our buying decisions, and who we choose to work for and with will also impact the success of business and the success of their efforts to make a change. The companies who put the Global Goals at the heart of their business will make the biggest difference. And for me as a consumer, and a business owner, I want to work with and buy from those companies who have committed to working together to achieve these goals. And why? Because I know with every purchase I make with these companies, we work towards a better future for our generation and the generations to follow.

Just last week I had the absolute pleasure and dream made into reality, of meeting Sir Richard Branson. After spending time with this incredible man, seeing how he interacts with his employees, his CEO’s, and those he didn’t know, the empathy and respect he has for people and the planet is built into his DNA, which is clearly built into the DNA of the Virgin brand. Hearing how Virgin are putting people, the planet and Global Goals at the centre of business, confirmed to me why I love the Virgin brand so much. I can have complete faith in every purchase I make with Virgin brands that supply chains and giving back initiatives are effectively making a difference. And, that they really really mean it.

So what can you as a consumer, or as a business, do to support the Global Goals for 2030? I strongly suggest learning from one of the greatest brands in the world, Virgin. And making sure your purchases and partnerships are with those who support the goals. This way, every day we can making a huge difference together, starting now to reach the vital goals for 2030!