Consumers are increasingly drawn to brands with a conscience; brands that speak to our values and which contribute to society.

I am a big fan of the work Playmob is doing in connecting brands, causes and game makers. We spend a lot of our time in front of our screens and despite being a relatively young form of entertainment, gaming is increasingly a cornerstone of our leisure. During my time at Rovio, I found time and again that the incentive to play can be even more rewarding when there is an element that links to a cause that resonates. The weeklong climate change awareness tournament called Champions for Earth launched in conjunction with Earth Day Network and Angry Birds in September 2015 resulted in significant donations for Earth Day’s reforestation program and also in a significant increase on playtime from previous weeks. Likewise, Angry Birds fans enabled 8,500 kids in Africa to receive books through Room to Read simply by taking part in a week long tournament of a game they loved.

Playmob’s unique skill is to connect the dots. Many games are always on entertainment that need to evolve and as a consequence game developers are often in the look-out for exciting content that connects with consumers. Charities and NGOs on the other hand, are looking for ways to connect their causes with consumers. Brands are likewise, looking for new ways to connect. Games can present a unique way of reaching consumers; especially when this connection is contextual and seamlessly integrated into the gaming experience. And everyone wins. Consumers, brands and charities can make an even more positive difference when they work together, and when the experience is a positive one for the end user, naturally those successes can spread yet further still through desirable peer-to-peer advocacy, amplifying the message of the brand and causes as well as the game itself.

I am a firm believer that sustainability is and should be an integral part of doing business. At Heineken we talk of sustainability as something integral to how we conduct business from barely to bar. Our Brewing a Better World encapsulates commitments regarding local and sustainable sourcing, water and emission reduction in brewing and responsible drinking marketing campaigns that make moderation cool, amongst other things. Attention is put to every bit of the chain.

This holistic approach to sustainability could come to live in a fun and engaging way through games. There are enormous opportunities to be creative in this space, and with the help of Playmob the gaming industry can play a major role in driving positive change. The key thing to remember of course is to stay true to the game itself!

Blanca Juti, Chief Corporate Affairs, Heineken