Integrating charity campaigns into your game will enable you to engage with your audience on a whole new level. Players will love your game even more and spend for the first time, spend more and play for longer, because you are supporting causes that needs your help. Our stats have proven up to 50% increase of new spenders, 30% increase of net revenue and a 30% increase of lifetime value as well as a 10x increase of engagement and virality. Combining charity into your game is not giving money away, it is the opposite.

Playmob's platform allows for a campaign to be set up within hours, saving you time and money. Our job is to take away the heavy lifting and allow you to concentrate on growing your great game while we enable a deeper engagement with your player base. We give you the tools to select cause matches, manage campaigns, track impact and share impact with your audience. Our skilled team of experts are always on hand to ensure you get the best out of each campaign.

To find out more about how we can support your cause integrations and to get started, please get in touch or sign up and give our platform a whirl.

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