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    Reach and engage with global gaming audiences offering far more than merely an interruption.

2.1 Billion Gamers

Over half of the world’s online population is playing games and this is set to double in the next 5 years. Unlike with other forms of media, gamers are highly engaged. Here is how you can reach them through Playmob…

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Playmob can get your brand in front of these engaged audiences through existing inventory, communicating your message in ways that players actually enjoy and respond to.

Level Up!

Work with Playmob and development studios to create bespoke and innovative game campaigns, deepening the emotional connection between your target audiences and your brand.

Playmob Platform

Relevant inventory and opportunities to achieve your objectives are identified and matched.

Playmob manage and optimise your campaign, delivering commercial and social impact reporting.

Gaming for a better world.

You Win!

Actually, with Playmob everyone wins thanks to our connection to causes.

  • You win by making deeper connections with your target audience
  • Others win through the social impact that results from each and every Playmob campaign
  • Your audience win because they feel good about making a difference
  • You win again by benefitting from peer-to-peer advocacy and amplification from this hyper-connected, socially-conscious community, as well as from both the game and cause partners.

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